Outline of Guidelines

Division Land area(㎡) Guidelines
CITY SERVICE ZONE North side of Bongeunsaro general residential area 60,366.2 Mixed district of small lands and residential area
→ Expand city services facilities
(Maintain the city structure, street revitalization by utilizing lower levels of buildings, etc.)
West side of COEX general residential area 117,086.7
BUSINESS COMPLEX ZONE North side of Teheran-ro general commercial area 38,610.8 Concentrated business facilities
→ Strengthening the functions for attracting and supporting international affairs
South side of Teheran-ro general commercial/residential area 203,232.5
East side of old KEPCO general residential area 107,752.7 Larger-scale development of community facilities-related businesses
→ Improve the street environment and expand the supporting functions for mid-scale facilities
  • Encourage the accumulation of business functions, and expand the MICE supporting functions.
    • Manage the business complex and city service areas separately, in consideration of the link between the location and the surrounding areas.
    • Provide incentives to the floor area ratio and height standards when introducing the MICE supporting functions.
  • Prepare measures to encourage voluntary large-scale development, considering the rising pressure of development.
    • Develop autonomously within the maximum development scale in consideration of the surrounding urban areas and communities.
    • Propose measures to upgrade the use districts linked with the infrastructure (reorganization of the household units).
  • Regional activation through pedestrian environment improvement
    • Propose measures to secure the public pedestrian walkways to make pedestrian walkways in the construction region.
    • Revitalize streets by utilizing lower levels of buildings, and improve the street environment through measures such as limits on the width of first floor shops.