Mixed-use development of Yeongdong-daero underground complex
(Land Area 150,000 ㎡), facilitating transfers between railways and buses

  • Mixed-use development: 1st to 4th basement floor extension 630 m × width 70 m × depth 28 m
  • Integrated stations: 5th to 6th basement floor extension 165 m × width 70 m × depth 51 m
Facility name Location (basement floor) Area (㎡) Major features
Convenient facilities for citizens 1st floor 38,022 Convenient facilities for citizens and for-profit facilities
City air terminal 1st to 2nd floor 7,984 1st floor check-in 2nd floor boarding of airport bus
Bus transfer center 2nd floor 6,343 90 service routes (current 47+future 43)
Parking lot 3nd floor 17,302 Parking for 106 buses, 139 cars
Integrated stations 4th to 6th floor 80,740
  • 4th floor : Samseong Dongtan, GTX-A·C, KTX Uijeongbu
  • 5th to 6th floor : Wirye ~ Shinsa
  • Through the linking of four metropolitan railways and city railways
    (light rail and subway), significantly improve the accessibility to major cities
    • Nationwide: Strengthen the accessibility of KTX (Dongtan, Samseong, and Uijeongbu), Airport Railroad and Subway line no. 9 to Incheon Airport and major cities around the country.
    • Metropolitan area: Expand the metropolitan railways network, such as GTX A (KINTEX to Samseong Station), GTX C (Geumjeong to Uijeongbu), southern metropolitan express (Dangarae~Jamsil, reviewed lines), and others.
    • Major centers in Seoul: light rail (connect Wirye to Sinsa. Subway line no. 2 to line no. 9, and others)
  • Establish a metropolitan complex transfer system for organic links of public transportation facilities
    • Complete a metropolitan complex transfer system for transferring conveniently and rapidly to various transportation means, such as railways, buses, and airplanes.
  • Maximize the use of urban space by building solid facilities around the railway stations
    • Build an organic and integrated complex by connecting major facilities such as COEX, integrated stations, Hyundai Motors GBC, and Jamsil Sports Complex
    • Reorganization of the environment for pedestrians and bikes, in order for railways passengers to use the major facilities easily.