A historical place that let people around the world know about Republic of Korea through 86 Asian games and 88 Seoul Olympics
The center of Seoul where small and large international conferences, sports events, and international performances take place
Made by the citizens, and visited by people around the world, Seoul international complex

In 2025, the dream of Seoul continues.

The historical place that let the world know about Korea through the 86 Asian Games and the 88 Seoul Olympics,
At this place that connects COEX, Hyundai GBC and Jamsil Sports Complex,
A New Landmark of Seoul, Seoul International Complex will be established.

By 2025, four core projects of strengthening international business functions, transportation convenience through the complex transfer center, recovery of brand value as a sports mecca, and creation of waterside space for citizens are underway.

In order to specialize in international business functions, which is one of the most important functions of Seoul International Complex, by maximizing the value of the brand through the expansion of exhibition convention facilities and supporting environment and attracting global companies, we will create a world-class luxury MICE city.

Also, through Youngdongdaero underground space development plan which is 30 times bigger than Jamsil baseball field, we will maximize international accessibility and publicness of public transportation by constructing the complex transfer center of KTX, GTX, Airport Terminal, and Subway.

Another potential of Seoul International Complex!

In order to revitalize sports functions centered around the Jamsil Sports Complex, by improving aging facilities and expanding citizen sports facilities, we will improve not only for sports, but also to be reborn as the cultural landmark for mass events and performances

The Han River Tancheon area, which was cut off from the city, will be developed as a pedestrian oriented ecological park and will return to the citizens as a new urban leisure space.

Through the walking network from Bongeunsa Temple to the Han River,
our Seoul is being reborn as the city we want to walk on and where the culture of the citizens lives through.

I hope it becomes a place with a lot of resting space for citizens.
I hope businesses will do better with more people.
I hope there will be more cultural space.
I hope transportation becomes more convenient.
I hope it becomes the symbolic place of Korea globally.
I hope it becomes the landmark that can encompasses Seoul.
I really look forward to this and I am even thinking of moving to this place.
I hope it becomes the symbolic space for Seoul.
I hope it grows into a city where businesses are actively done.
I hope it becomes the main landmark of Seoul.
I hope the traffic becomes more convenient.
The place you have to visit when you come to Korea!
Oh, this is great!
It's really cool. I hope it really becomes like that in the future.
Wow, that's great. / It's so cool!
When will it be completed?
It’s fabulous. When would it become like this?
I hope it is completed soon.
I want to see it soon!
I look forward to this!
I support this!
I'm looking forward to it.
I look forward to how it would look like nine years later.
I really look forward to the baseball stadium with a view of the Han River.
I look forward to great things.

Imagination and enthusiasm enhance the value of the city.

A future city that is made together with the citizens
and enjoyed by people around the world

This is Seoul!
Seoul International Exchange
The area from COEX to Jamsil Sports Complex is a center for exhibitions, conventions, and international business. Facilities in the area served as the venue for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, and still attract a great number of visitors. The Seoul Metropolitan Government began developing a plan and moving towards a transformation of the area in 2008, with the goal of creating a hub of international business exchange (a MICE complex integrating international affairs, exhibitions, conventions, sports, culture, and entertainment), thereby improving Seoul’s global competitiveness. The Seoul Metropolitan Government completed the master plan for the Seoul International Complex in 2016, and will now begin the development in earnest.
  • Jamsil Sports Complex

    Transform Jamsil Sports Complex into a MICE complex with exhibition and convention facilities, as well as improved support facilities.

  • Site purchased from Korea Electric Power Corp.

    Establish a Hyundai Global Business Center (GBC) in order to foster international affairs in the region.

  • Underneath Yeongdong-daero

    Establish a large-scale underground complex that connects between the city core and areas around Seoul by building citizen amenities, integrated transportation facilities (subway and metropolitan railway stations), bus transfer centers, and city airport terminals linked to nearby COEX and Hyundai Motors GBC.

  • Hangang River and Tancheon Stream

    Transform the waterside areas around the Hangang River and Tancheon Stream into places of leisure and rest, where visitors can experience cultural events and performances.